Sunday, January 18, 2015

October 12, 2014

Kumusta Kayo Diyan!

Well this week was awesome!:) A lot happened but not in the form of teaching. We actually did very little teaching. Now don't think I am saying this week was awesome because of the lack of teaching. It was awesome because a family of 5 passed there baptismal interview!:) They will be baptized this Saturday!:) They are awesome!:) Their father was less active but we reactivated him and are now baptizing his family!!:) And we had Zone Interviews. I learned a lot and had a great interview with President Monahan. He really is so cool and really has helped me on my mission! He is one of my heros. He is number 3 under first Dad then President Monson then President Monahan, haha.  He is great.

To top it all off, it was GENERAL CONFERENCE. I really have learned the importance of conference here in the mission. Before my mission I honestly could have cared less about conference.  But here in the mission, I can't imagine missing even 1 talk. It is amazing how a mission can change people haha:) There were so many talks that I loved. I have a little funny something. If you remember Elder Jorg .............something haha basta, Elder Jorg he got very bold and just told it how it was and as he was doing it I was thinking of Elders and people that needed to hear what he was saying because they needed it, then President Uchtdorfs talk popped into my head, obviously the spirit was leading me to ask myself the question "Lord, Is it I" I got punched in the face and was like whoops I am actually the one who needs to hear this! That was just a funny thing that happened. As well as Elder Bednars talk. He is probably my favorite to listen to and he did not disappoint. If you listened he pretty said anyone who doesn't do missionary work is not a member. I liked how he said specifically his message was directed to non members on why we do Missionary Work but he also pretty much chastised the members for not doing missionary work! It was a great conference! I learned a lot adn hope you did also!:)
I only have one more conference in the mission which is insane!!!!
Hope you have a great week!:)
LOVE you guys!!
Elder Ball

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