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November 16, 2014


SO I am sorry that I was not able to send a good email last week but this week I will make up for it! So as you now know I have a son (trainee) haha. He is way cool and we are having fun. He is already a great Elder and we will have a ton of success in this area!:) He is better at English than me! He uses words that are in the English dictionary that I do not know haha For example he said "I am going to steel my nerves" I know all of those words but I did not know that you could use the word steel in that context but I looked it up and you can and he made fun of me haha So I came to the Philippines and thought I would learn Tagalog but apparently I am actually learning English from a Filipino. He is doing well and likes missionary life. He has adjusted a lot better than I did, haha.
We have this investigator right now. And she is awesome! She loves going to church and loves the lessons. We are just waiting for the time that she has to go to church. But one day we were talking to her and she was asking us about how many people we are teaching and then she was like " I think I have an idea for you to find more people to teach" " You should go to the members and ask them who they know and for them to take you to them" I was astonished by what she said! Because that is exactly what members should be doing they just don't understand that they need to be. And This Sis has actually already referred one of her friends to missionaries and they are the ones we baptized about 3 weeks ago. A Sister who is not a member has done more than most members who have been members for a long time. She is awesome and I can't wait for her to be baptized. Me and Elder Suarez are having fun and being diligent and obedient to receive the blessings that we need!

The verse I want to share is Ether 12;12. It is simple but I like it and it has really helped me and my companion to explain that blessing come only after faith. 
We had a good week.

Oh and on some side notes, Only 1 month until CHRISTMAS CALL!:)  I am excited and I hope you are also!:) 

And about the Christmas package, some things I left out…If you could send more PAT rings that would be nice. And if you could also include a mini hymn book. I have been trying to get one my entire mission but have been unsuccessful so if you could just send one I would really appreciate it. And as far as food if you would like to put in some Jim Bean sunflower seeds. Cheezits and some Black Forest Fruit snacks with the juicy center. And whatever else your hearts desire!:) 

I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!!:)

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