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November 24, 2014 Following the Spirit!!

SO........This week was DIFFICULT! but also GOOD!:) 

So in short, this week we had to go Urdaneta again to get some training for the missionaries that will be training the New Missionaries, so I can know what I should be doing.  While we were there I got to eat at KFC after a very long time! It was DELICIOUS!:) 
Any way other than that we had a difficult week with the teaching. Almost every day the people we were supposed to teach were always gone or investigators we thought were golden all of the sudden didn't want to be taught anymore. So, we had some trials. But, on Saturday we had a great planning session and had a great plan with lots of backup activities from 1 until 9! I thought we were going to get like 7 lessons taught in the day. So, we left the apartment and went to our first appointment.....Not home even though she said she would be, so we thought well that’s a bummer.  So we went to the backup we had planned. We went to find a less active. Well we looked and she wasn't home either.  This happened about 5 times in a row. I was frustrated and then I thought there is always a reason for appointments falling through. Like there is someone else we have to find or teach. So I thought and then the name of this Barangay or kind of like neighborhood thing popped into my head.  So without second guessing I was like “Elder, I haven't gone here in a long time. Want to go check it out because it was 3 oclock and pretty much all of our appointments were gone? So we got back on a bus. Went to the complete opposite side of our area and went to the Mendoza compound. A compound is like an area of houses where they are all related it would be like all of our family and extended family living in an area about the size of Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Arlins’ property. The Branch President is one of the members there. So, we got talking to them and started making some plans. And through the talking we just felt like we need to start focusing more on Less Active members that are close to the church and the area we were in at that time was very close to the church. We taught a lesson then they fed us dinner. We haven't had a dinner appointment in over a month so it was wonderfull!!!:) 

Then, on our way out of that Barangay, on our way home, we were walking and randomly the thought came into my head. Go see how the Moreno Family is. The Moreno Family is a Less Active family that I have only visited once before.  Elder Suaraz had never met them and had never been to the area we went to that day. But anyway, ee went to their house.  We got there and their family was all there even the father who is not yet a member and the first time I went wasn't there.  They said he is always gone. So, we got there and had a great lesson about Temples. 
The spirit totally prompted Elder Suarez to begin the lesson with that because we had no idea what we were going to share and after the prayer we waited a few seconds and then started talking about Temples and Eternal Families.
 The lesson was AWESOME! The father is pretty hard headed and didn't really seem to be into it. I am not sure of everything I said to him.  At one point in the lesson I felt like someone was speaking through me.  All I know is that what I/Jesus Christ/Heavenly Father/The Holy Ghost said was very bold and it made him pay attention to us more and then Elder Suarez followed up on what I said. The spirit was so strong! 

The lesson was good and they committed to go to church. Now only one of the daughters went to church but the cool part was that the entire day was led by the spirit. 
I know that we were supposed to go where we went and teach who we taught! I am so grateful for the spirit and the guidance in this work!!!:)
It is so true, what we know, and can NEVER deny it!!!:) 

The scriptures I want to share this week are Omni 1:26 and 1 Nephi 4:6!:)
I love you MOM, DAD, KATIE, and MATTHEW!!!:)

Elder Ball

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