Monday, January 19, 2015

December 28, 2014


I was super happy to have been able to skype you guys and I loved seeing your Faces!:) You guys look good! I hope you had a great Christmas! We had a pretty good Christmas! The work here actually gets harder here because everyone is partying and drinking but we did find a few elect people!
We didn't teach that many lessons but every lesson we did teach to investigators was a great lesson and all of them were to people who have a very big probability of being baptized and a few who I think will be leaders. Leaders because of just who they are. It was a fun week.  We did only get fed once though. This entire week we only got fed about disappointing haha. On Christmas day, for lunch, I ate instant noodles with an egg haha.  It was pretty good;) Elder Suarez and I are just having a good time.  I think we are being very efficient in our work. I am happy with it and I am looking forward to another week here.
Hope you guys have a great week!::)
Love you guys!!!:)

Elder Ball

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