Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2 GREAT Members!!!

May 18, 2014
I    LOVE    YOU   GUYS!:)
So this week was pretty crazy. I will only focus on the good things in this Email because If I only focused on the bad things that happened this week. I would need a couple hours to write them all haha. Joke!!  But, this week was really pretty good. Starting off with the WONDERFUL opportunity I had to Skype. That was a way better skype-ing than last time but it seemed way shorter.  I did not cry at the end which was cool haha. I love seeing all your faces even though dads was hidden for most the time.  It was still wonderful!:) Hopefully I will one day be as big as Kendrick and Matthew haha. I am scared to come home now. I will get beaten upon ahaha.
 Another thing is the young people here in San Leon are Awesome. They are the hope of this branch! There are 2 people that are amazing here.  One is our Branch Mission Leader. His name is Brother Ken. He just got back from his mission this last December and he is the Literal Definition of a Priesthood leader fulfilling his calling and doing everything he can in this work. I pretty much love him haha. The other, her name is Sis. Grace.  She is also amazing. She is way diligent and is a great example for everyone. She is like an example of who I want my wife to be like haha. Hopefully I can find someone like her when I get back.
Me and Elder Bigelow had a pretty hard week. We only got 8 lessons but think there is a reason we were rejected so much. I am still looking for what I can learn from it! haha This week is transfer week so we will see what happens to me and Elder Bigelow. Hopefully we are still companions!
Well I look forward to another week and Hope you guys have a BOMB week also!:)


Elder Ball

Mothers Day Skyping

Mothers Day!!  LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What more can I say??

May 4, 2014 - MONKEYS!!!!!

May 4, 2014

Hello Pamiliya,

HOW ARE YOU ALL!:) So I don't know how but the best thing that I did last week I forgot to write about. I don't know how I forgot but I will tell you in this email. So I was on exchanges last week with another Elder and we were in his area and we stopped at a members house to pick him up to go to a lesson.  In the back of their house I saw this cage and then I looked a little closer and GUESS WHAT I SAW!!!! MONKEYS!!:) There were four little monkeys and one was outside the cage on this leash thing! I asked the member if you could go back there and he let us go back and I got to PLAY WITH A MONKEY!!:) I have pictures and will send them when I get a chance!!:) So that is what happened last week.
As for this week a lot happened. We were given permission to look for a new house because the house we are living in right now is....let’s just say..... not up to par haha. It’s just a scary house haha I wish you could see the size the of the cockroaches though....haha:) Me and Elder Bigelow are just doing work right now. We have fun as we work and we are doing all of our work through members. We have about 10 solid investigators that should all be baptized in the next 2-3 months and we are finding more as we teach their families and families of Less Actives and Members! The work is progressing here and time is going way too fast. Me and Elder Bigelow will probably only be together for one transfer and I am sad about that.  But I will enjoy the time we have!:)


April Baptisms April 27, 2014


So this week was awesome! Me and My companion are pretty much awesome and way talented and......Way Humble haha;)
But we had a baptism this week! Her name is Sis. Betsy.  She is like 45 and she is more faithful and has a greater desire to do good than any member in the branch I am in right now! Before she was baptized she would ask us for restoration pamphlets so she could give them to her friends at her work and invite them to listen to the missionaries!! She is way awesome and I am so excited to see all of the good that she will do here in this Branch!:)

Also yesterday me and Elder Bigelow were just finishing up at a lesson that went really well and our next appointment was maybe 2 miles away in the middle of nowhere out in the rice fields. As we were about to leave, it started raining. I had my umbrella that is huge and way nice and so we didn't think anything of it so we started walking. We had been walking maybe 10 minutes and then it changed to like a hurricane and the umbrella became useless. It just made it way hard to walk and we were getting way wet anyway so I pulled it down and within 10 seconds we were both soaked from head to toe and so we walked in that for maybe 30 minutes and it was awesome! I really felt like I was in the Philippines and doing something awesome haha! We could have chosen to be way mad but we did as President Uchtdorf Directed in conference and Had an Attitude of Gratitude in all things and it was a great day of being soaked and we also had 2 great lessons with 2 investigators that will definitely get baptized!!!:) It was a good week.:) Always have an Attitude of Gratitude and you will find that you are always happy and never mad about things!!!:)


Happy Easter !!!

Aprill 20th

Well this was a great week. It was Holy Week which means everyone needs to go to church for the 1 or 2 times during the year haha.  It is actually really sad but at the same time it is funny how on this one day our church and every other church was packed.  But last week and this week they are empty because we are all saved by belief and faith, with no works of course..(Sarcasm) It really was a good week though.  One of our Investigators just passed her interview and will be baptized this Saturday. She is so cool.  She will definitely be a leader right away and really help with the branch we are in. Her husband will be following, hopefully pretty soon.  He just has to get over his cigarette addiction. We also have 4 more coming up in the next month. So good things are happening here in the San Leon Area. I also just used an umbrella that I bought in January for the first time when a pretty big storm came in yesterday. It was 1000 pesos which is 20 dollars but here it is a way expensive and nice umbrella and it really is the bomb!:) I absolutely love my companion haha.  He is super cool and he is a good cook. We will definitely be friends after the mission! And for you dad, if you remember Plan Get Sexy, I would just like you to know the mission is allowing me to put on muscle through my obedience to the exercising everyday rule here haha:) I may be super white but I will be buff when I get home haha:).
 So I really hope that you have a great Easter and I miss you guys a ton but time is flying by and with my new comp will go by even faster haha.  Hopefully we are together for at least 2 transfers! Mom, I love you too!!  Me and you can both stand in the aisle and cry at the store while picking out cards when I get back haha:) I love you and I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!:)

Elder Ball/ Elder Bola in Tagalog:)