Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 4, 2014 - MONKEYS!!!!!

May 4, 2014

Hello Pamiliya,

HOW ARE YOU ALL!:) So I don't know how but the best thing that I did last week I forgot to write about. I don't know how I forgot but I will tell you in this email. So I was on exchanges last week with another Elder and we were in his area and we stopped at a members house to pick him up to go to a lesson.  In the back of their house I saw this cage and then I looked a little closer and GUESS WHAT I SAW!!!! MONKEYS!!:) There were four little monkeys and one was outside the cage on this leash thing! I asked the member if you could go back there and he let us go back and I got to PLAY WITH A MONKEY!!:) I have pictures and will send them when I get a chance!!:) So that is what happened last week.
As for this week a lot happened. We were given permission to look for a new house because the house we are living in right now is....let’s just say..... not up to par haha. It’s just a scary house haha I wish you could see the size the of the cockroaches though....haha:) Me and Elder Bigelow are just doing work right now. We have fun as we work and we are doing all of our work through members. We have about 10 solid investigators that should all be baptized in the next 2-3 months and we are finding more as we teach their families and families of Less Actives and Members! The work is progressing here and time is going way too fast. Me and Elder Bigelow will probably only be together for one transfer and I am sad about that.  But I will enjoy the time we have!:)


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