Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2 GREAT Members!!!

May 18, 2014
I    LOVE    YOU   GUYS!:)
So this week was pretty crazy. I will only focus on the good things in this Email because If I only focused on the bad things that happened this week. I would need a couple hours to write them all haha. Joke!!  But, this week was really pretty good. Starting off with the WONDERFUL opportunity I had to Skype. That was a way better skype-ing than last time but it seemed way shorter.  I did not cry at the end which was cool haha. I love seeing all your faces even though dads was hidden for most the time.  It was still wonderful!:) Hopefully I will one day be as big as Kendrick and Matthew haha. I am scared to come home now. I will get beaten upon ahaha.
 Another thing is the young people here in San Leon are Awesome. They are the hope of this branch! There are 2 people that are amazing here.  One is our Branch Mission Leader. His name is Brother Ken. He just got back from his mission this last December and he is the Literal Definition of a Priesthood leader fulfilling his calling and doing everything he can in this work. I pretty much love him haha. The other, her name is Sis. Grace.  She is also amazing. She is way diligent and is a great example for everyone. She is like an example of who I want my wife to be like haha. Hopefully I can find someone like her when I get back.
Me and Elder Bigelow had a pretty hard week. We only got 8 lessons but think there is a reason we were rejected so much. I am still looking for what I can learn from it! haha This week is transfer week so we will see what happens to me and Elder Bigelow. Hopefully we are still companions!
Well I look forward to another week and Hope you guys have a BOMB week also!:)


Elder Ball

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