Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Easter !!!

Aprill 20th

Well this was a great week. It was Holy Week which means everyone needs to go to church for the 1 or 2 times during the year haha.  It is actually really sad but at the same time it is funny how on this one day our church and every other church was packed.  But last week and this week they are empty because we are all saved by belief and faith, with no works of course..(Sarcasm) It really was a good week though.  One of our Investigators just passed her interview and will be baptized this Saturday. She is so cool.  She will definitely be a leader right away and really help with the branch we are in. Her husband will be following, hopefully pretty soon.  He just has to get over his cigarette addiction. We also have 4 more coming up in the next month. So good things are happening here in the San Leon Area. I also just used an umbrella that I bought in January for the first time when a pretty big storm came in yesterday. It was 1000 pesos which is 20 dollars but here it is a way expensive and nice umbrella and it really is the bomb!:) I absolutely love my companion haha.  He is super cool and he is a good cook. We will definitely be friends after the mission! And for you dad, if you remember Plan Get Sexy, I would just like you to know the mission is allowing me to put on muscle through my obedience to the exercising everyday rule here haha:) I may be super white but I will be buff when I get home haha:).
 So I really hope that you have a great Easter and I miss you guys a ton but time is flying by and with my new comp will go by even faster haha.  Hopefully we are together for at least 2 transfers! Mom, I love you too!!  Me and you can both stand in the aisle and cry at the store while picking out cards when I get back haha:) I love you and I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!:)

Elder Ball/ Elder Bola in Tagalog:)

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