Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014 Transferred to San Leon


Well this was a very different transfer week for me because something actually happened.     
I transferred! Yes, for the first time. haha. I am not too far away from my first area. I am in the Rosales Zone in the San Leon area. It is East of Rosales which is South of Urdaneta. 
My new Comp is way awesome!! His name is Elder Bigelow and he is from Arizona! He is white. Haha.  My first white companion. So far I am liking the area and my area has the biggest and nicest mall in the whole mission.  That is where we go for P- Day every week. It is like an American mall haha. I saw the iphone 5s came out and I heard the iphone 6 came out but I don't know if that is true. It will probably be the iphone 10 when I get home, haha.

This was also Conference weekend for me and I loved it. The talks in the Priesthood and Saturday sessions were so bold and straightforward. I really liked it. It’s probably because I actually watch conference now that I am on my mission. But, I can just feel the urgency in the talks about missionary work and about preparing ourselves for the second coming. Some pretty crazy stuff is happening in the world right now and that means the Second Coming is close. I liked all of the talks and learned stuff from all of them. I hope you all learned from conference. Katie and Matthew, watch and listen to conference.  It really is awesome and you will receive help in everything.
There wasn't much work because of the transfers, but I am excited for the transfer and for the work we will do.

Dad marami kayong mga tanong ( you have a lot of questions) haha

My comp is from Phoenix. He has been out since March of last year. I am in a Branch now. We are actually pretty far away from other missionaries, haha.
Hey in my Easter box can you but in Jim Bean sunflower seeds and Sour patch kids?  :) But don't send clothes or ties. I can get all that kind of stuff here. :)
(Leaving Easter candy in his Easter baskets) Haha.  Sometimes I let the candy sit to let the flavor really set in....:)

I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!:)  AND DAD!!!!:)

Elder Ball

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