Monday, April 7, 2014

March 24, 2014

Well first off......KATIE IS 16 IN 6 DAYS!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!! I can't believe it! I was 16 like 3 days ago she can't be 16 now! I don't even know what to say about it but WOW!!! Well other than HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE! Be careful driving don't run over anything okay. :)
Hahah Mom.  You can call me Elder Ball, Jeffrey, Elder Jeffrey or whatever you want but I won't lie.  It is really frustrating when members call us "Brother" haha I didn't think it would be but it really is!! haha 

This week was great we had a Quad Zone and the workshops given were awesome!! I have this new motivation to work way harder but also smarter and to really do everything I can to save as many Precious Souls as possible!  One thing I like that President Monahan talked about was focusing on the Chocolate. What that means is if 5 Investigators were supposed to come to church and 3 did don't focus on the 2 that didn't but be happy and rejoice in the fact that 3 came and then continue happily to figure out what you can do so the other two will come next week.

That is one of my weaknesses.  If we don't teach or investigators don't come to church I sometimes get down and think it is my fault. But they have their agency and we need to rejoice in the fact that people are progressing and becoming closer to Jesus Christ. This is one thing that I want to implement in my life after the Mission.  There is a great scripture that illustrates this in Mosiah 24:15. Even though sometimes things are hard, be happy and know that everything will work out if we are obedient and submit to the will of the Lord!:) 
Good week! :)

I love you!!  Tell Katie nice job with ballroom and to keep up the good work!!!:) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! SWEET SIXTEEN!!!!!!! It is way crazy she is so old!!!!!!!  
Tell Matthew he is awesome and if he wants to when I get back, we will train and do a tri-athalon together!!:)

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!::)

Sana ang linggo po ninyo ay mesaya!   Salamat sa lahat na ginagawa po ninyo para sa akin!:) 
Mahal Kita!

Elder Ball

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