Monday, April 7, 2014

March 31,2014

Well I am at 8 Months now!!  Angbilis ng panahon!!!
Wow This week was pretty good the highlight was we found a family in the farthest reaches of our area out in the rice fields! The father does not have a religion because he can't find a church with the same teachings as Jesus Christ and the Bible, until we met him and started teaching him and his family!!
The first lesson we taught the Restoration and then invited them to be baptized! They all accepted right away.  The father knows that this is the truth.  They will hopefully be baptized on May 17 but probably sooner than that because they are way awesome. It was a testimony to me that there are people looking for the truth but just don't know where to find it. They are an Elect family and will be baptized.  Hopefully I am here to see it but I will probably transfer on April 11th, the next transfer. Conference is this week for you guys but 2 weeks for me and Elder Newton.  I am way excited and hope you all enjoy it!  Hope you have a great week I love you Family!:)
Oh and It is like 7 Billion degrees here! I want dad to come here so he can see that I sweat a ton here haha!:) Since before he didn't think I sweat!!!

NO WAY DAMON GOT HIS CALLLLLLLL!!! THAT IS so AWESOME!!  It is also weird to think that a year ago I was doing the same thing. Time sure does fly!!! Tell him he is a stud and that I am way excited for him!!!!:) 
Tell Katie again Happy Birthday for me!!!! Yeah I got the fluoride and was like ...."yay.....More fluoride" haha sounds good thanks. Also, I do need a new pair of pants. One pair got a big stain in them:(  Tell grandpa I love him and miss him!!

Love you all!!!!!!
Elder Ball

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