Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 - the power of Zone prayers

Jun 29, 2014

It was a good week but then at the same time an awful week haha. So I was sick from Wed until Sunday with a 102 degree fever. It would go up and down but never went away until yesterday.  When I woke up I felt pretty good and didn’t have a fever, so we went to church.  But while we were there I started going downhill.  When we got home after church I had a way bad cough, way bad body aches and a fever again of 102.  But then the zones leaders who live with us sent a text to the whole zone to pray for me.  When I woke up this morning I was fine:) So the bad part is I was sick all week but then we also had 6 baptisms!!!!!:)  And, I got better because of the prayers of the Zone!:)

Love you guys sooo much!!! J

Elder Ball

June 23, 2014 - "We are making companionship pants"

WOW! That is all I can say about this week and the wow comes from this Saturday and Sunday! 
So this Saturday we had 6 people being interviewed 5 people from 1 family and 1 girl who is the wife of the son of a member. :) Anyway they all got interviewed this Saturday and all passed but right here is where the craziness starts. We had just contacted these 2 families from a referral from this way awesome member family. It’s the same family whose son is the one that has the wife being baptized this next Saturday. So we have only taught the family 3 times and the father has never been there. They want to go to church way bad but have no way to go because the father didn't want to drive there trike and they have no money to pay for the travel. So, me and Elder Arrinton and 2 members that live out by them began looking at different ways we could get them to church. But nobody had enough room on their motorcycles and all other 15 ideas of ours just didn’t work.  
So, Elder Arrington and I went into a room, knelt down and prayed. After we prayed we felt that those two members needed to go to this family that wanted to go to church.  The two members needed to talk with the father. As  they were about to go one of the members said he didn't feel right. So they went back to the house and prayed. After that they looked at each other and said now we feel good.  They went to this families house and talked to the father. They bore their testimonies and told him why the church was important to them. So the next day Elder Arrington and I were waiting in the chapel and sacrament meeting was about to start. I was just about to start feeling a little bummed and then all of the sudden we see the mother of that family and her HUSBAND and children are right behind her!!!!!!!!!!:) We leaped out of our seats, pretty much ran over to them, greeted them and got them seats by their member friends they knew!

When I saw them I got filled with this happiness that I have never felt before. I literally felt it fill my whole body.  It was amazing. They are so prepared by God!
Members are where the power is at!!!:) And to top it all off we had a total of 14 investigators at church and 11 of them have a date for baptism!!!!:)
This week was awesome!!!!:) 

It also rained....:) And we also are making companionship pants:)
-        Jeffrey explained what companionship pants means – they are buying some material and having someone make pants for them, so they will have matching pants. J

Elder Ball:)  

June 15, 2014

Wow this week was crazy! We had our Mission tour this week which means a member of the Seventy came to our mission and toured it. On Wednesday I went back to my first area in Urdaneta to listen to him talk and other leaders. It was awesome! The Elders name is Elder Echohawk. He is in the Philippines area Presidency.
One of the things he said is that through obedience we can obtain a greater love for the people we teach. Sometimes it is hard for me to love people who don't want to listen but through my obedience I can obtain and retain a love for them. So that was cool as well.  Yesterday we had a stake conference but it wasn't just our stake it was the whole northern luzon. Northen luzon is just like the Northern part of the Philippines. So it was broadcast and guess who was presiding.....Elder Quinton L. Cook. We all thought it was about the Temple because the first talk was from the General Young Womens President about Temples and blessings and then the next 3 were also about Temples and blessing coming from it. And then Elder Cook got up and talked about being worthy for blessings.  It doesn't matter what our circumstances are.  We have to be obedient in this life.  So the whole point of the Conference was to get everyone excited thinking that the Temple ground breaking would be released but Elder Cook pretty much said the Temple will not come until people are obedient, going to church and paying their tithing. Nothing was specifically said about the Urdaneta Temple but we all got the point they were trying to get across. It was pretty cool but then also a let down haha.  But I know that our Heavenly Father doesn't give us anything that we can't overcome, so we need to be obedient to the Commandment no matter what is happening in our lives. I loved this week:)

 I have sent a letter hope you get it soon!!!:)
Elder ball

June 9, 2014

HELLO!:) How is you all be doin?:)  Hopefully good!:) 

So this week has been really good. We had tomorrow baptisms this week!:) I was going to send pictures but I was way smart and left my camera at home on accident so next week na lang! But it is also Elder Arrington’s birthday right now so we are about to go party! I will tell you about it next week! As for this week I got to play with another monkey and have videos except this one was a mean monkey haha.  He didn't like us! I will send pictures next week!
So because mom requested a story I will give one that happened last week! We were teaching our IBD family about the Word of Wisdom. They all had a problem with coffee and the grandma with cigarettes! We taught the doctrine about it and they were totally accepting of it. At the end of the lesson we asked if they would give us there coffee and cigarettes so we could destroy them!  Haha The grandma was a little hesitant but they ended up giving it all up! The coffee and the cigarettes! They are so set on getting baptized and following the commandments! They are better than most members in the church and they are not even baptized yet! From that night none of them have smoked or drank coffee and they are all way good about going to church! They are so elect and I can’t wait for their baptism! 

This week was way awesome and I can't wait to send you pictures of their baptism!:) Sorry this is short! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND HAVE A GREAT WEEK!:)

Elder Ball

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

HEY!:)  So This week was pretty crazy. It was a mix a long days in the heat going to every members house and trying to ask for  their friends for us to teach and at every house, literally every one there was not one person home! Not like they didn't have anyone for us to teach but everybody was not at home haha! 
Me and Elder Arrington (no pics of him/us yet) were so confused but it is okay because we had 2 Baptisms on Saturday. They are awesome!:)  Their names are Maurielle and Mark. They are brother and sister one is 19 and the other is 17. Their parents were less active and had Word of Wisdom problems and Mark had a girlfriend and they have a kid.  But now Mark and his girlfriend are separated until they get married and the parents have returned and there WOW problems are gone, all because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!:) 
Watching them get baptized and then confirmed was awesome! Now, the next step is getting them to the Temple!:)

This week was good. I am getting buff;) Not really haha and Me and Elder Arrington are killing it here in Rosales 2b:) 

 I hope you guys have a good week!:)
Love you guys TONS! :-)
Elder Ball

May 26, 2014


So this week was pretty much way Awesome!:) 
At first it was pretty sad because me and Elder Bigelow had like 6 baptisms coming up this week and then we found out we were both getting transferred because our area is now a sister missionary area.  So, we got pulled out so that was super not cool.  But, then on Friday that all changed because that is transfer day.  The day when we find out where we are going and who our comps will be. So I get there and my ZL's are just looking at me really weird like they are super excited or something and then one of them comes up to me and says " I am super excited for you to see who your comp is" At first I thought he said that because he knew I would not like my comp and wanted to be funny until I read who my comp was and I about freaked out! Because it was none other than................................ ELDER ARRINGTON! 
We were together in the MTC and are way good friends. We always talked about what it would be like to be comps and how awesome it would be,  and look at us now....COMPANIONS IN THE PHILIPPINES URDANETA MISSION! How does that even happen haha:)
It was a way good week!  We had a baptism this week.  The second day after I was in the area so that was way cool also. I just Cherry picked a baptism haha:) And, My new area still has the huge American like mall in it and so everything is pretty much just wonderful right now haha.

It was a great week and it is going to be an awesome transfer full of fun and full of golfing frogs with umbrellas. 
Love you guys!! Have a great week!:)     Elder Ball