Monday, June 30, 2014

June 15, 2014

Wow this week was crazy! We had our Mission tour this week which means a member of the Seventy came to our mission and toured it. On Wednesday I went back to my first area in Urdaneta to listen to him talk and other leaders. It was awesome! The Elders name is Elder Echohawk. He is in the Philippines area Presidency.
One of the things he said is that through obedience we can obtain a greater love for the people we teach. Sometimes it is hard for me to love people who don't want to listen but through my obedience I can obtain and retain a love for them. So that was cool as well.  Yesterday we had a stake conference but it wasn't just our stake it was the whole northern luzon. Northen luzon is just like the Northern part of the Philippines. So it was broadcast and guess who was presiding.....Elder Quinton L. Cook. We all thought it was about the Temple because the first talk was from the General Young Womens President about Temples and blessings and then the next 3 were also about Temples and blessing coming from it. And then Elder Cook got up and talked about being worthy for blessings.  It doesn't matter what our circumstances are.  We have to be obedient in this life.  So the whole point of the Conference was to get everyone excited thinking that the Temple ground breaking would be released but Elder Cook pretty much said the Temple will not come until people are obedient, going to church and paying their tithing. Nothing was specifically said about the Urdaneta Temple but we all got the point they were trying to get across. It was pretty cool but then also a let down haha.  But I know that our Heavenly Father doesn't give us anything that we can't overcome, so we need to be obedient to the Commandment no matter what is happening in our lives. I loved this week:)

 I have sent a letter hope you get it soon!!!:)
Elder ball

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