Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

HEY!:)  So This week was pretty crazy. It was a mix a long days in the heat going to every members house and trying to ask for  their friends for us to teach and at every house, literally every one there was not one person home! Not like they didn't have anyone for us to teach but everybody was not at home haha! 
Me and Elder Arrington (no pics of him/us yet) were so confused but it is okay because we had 2 Baptisms on Saturday. They are awesome!:)  Their names are Maurielle and Mark. They are brother and sister one is 19 and the other is 17. Their parents were less active and had Word of Wisdom problems and Mark had a girlfriend and they have a kid.  But now Mark and his girlfriend are separated until they get married and the parents have returned and there WOW problems are gone, all because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!:) 
Watching them get baptized and then confirmed was awesome! Now, the next step is getting them to the Temple!:)

This week was good. I am getting buff;) Not really haha and Me and Elder Arrington are killing it here in Rosales 2b:) 

 I hope you guys have a good week!:)
Love you guys TONS! :-)
Elder Ball

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