Monday, June 2, 2014

May 26, 2014


So this week was pretty much way Awesome!:) 
At first it was pretty sad because me and Elder Bigelow had like 6 baptisms coming up this week and then we found out we were both getting transferred because our area is now a sister missionary area.  So, we got pulled out so that was super not cool.  But, then on Friday that all changed because that is transfer day.  The day when we find out where we are going and who our comps will be. So I get there and my ZL's are just looking at me really weird like they are super excited or something and then one of them comes up to me and says " I am super excited for you to see who your comp is" At first I thought he said that because he knew I would not like my comp and wanted to be funny until I read who my comp was and I about freaked out! Because it was none other than................................ ELDER ARRINGTON! 
We were together in the MTC and are way good friends. We always talked about what it would be like to be comps and how awesome it would be,  and look at us now....COMPANIONS IN THE PHILIPPINES URDANETA MISSION! How does that even happen haha:)
It was a way good week!  We had a baptism this week.  The second day after I was in the area so that was way cool also. I just Cherry picked a baptism haha:) And, My new area still has the huge American like mall in it and so everything is pretty much just wonderful right now haha.

It was a great week and it is going to be an awesome transfer full of fun and full of golfing frogs with umbrellas. 
Love you guys!! Have a great week!:)     Elder Ball

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