Monday, June 30, 2014

June 23, 2014 - "We are making companionship pants"

WOW! That is all I can say about this week and the wow comes from this Saturday and Sunday! 
So this Saturday we had 6 people being interviewed 5 people from 1 family and 1 girl who is the wife of the son of a member. :) Anyway they all got interviewed this Saturday and all passed but right here is where the craziness starts. We had just contacted these 2 families from a referral from this way awesome member family. It’s the same family whose son is the one that has the wife being baptized this next Saturday. So we have only taught the family 3 times and the father has never been there. They want to go to church way bad but have no way to go because the father didn't want to drive there trike and they have no money to pay for the travel. So, me and Elder Arrinton and 2 members that live out by them began looking at different ways we could get them to church. But nobody had enough room on their motorcycles and all other 15 ideas of ours just didn’t work.  
So, Elder Arrington and I went into a room, knelt down and prayed. After we prayed we felt that those two members needed to go to this family that wanted to go to church.  The two members needed to talk with the father. As  they were about to go one of the members said he didn't feel right. So they went back to the house and prayed. After that they looked at each other and said now we feel good.  They went to this families house and talked to the father. They bore their testimonies and told him why the church was important to them. So the next day Elder Arrington and I were waiting in the chapel and sacrament meeting was about to start. I was just about to start feeling a little bummed and then all of the sudden we see the mother of that family and her HUSBAND and children are right behind her!!!!!!!!!!:) We leaped out of our seats, pretty much ran over to them, greeted them and got them seats by their member friends they knew!

When I saw them I got filled with this happiness that I have never felt before. I literally felt it fill my whole body.  It was amazing. They are so prepared by God!
Members are where the power is at!!!:) And to top it all off we had a total of 14 investigators at church and 11 of them have a date for baptism!!!!:)
This week was awesome!!!!:) 

It also rained....:) And we also are making companionship pants:)
-        Jeffrey explained what companionship pants means – they are buying some material and having someone make pants for them, so they will have matching pants. J

Elder Ball:)  

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