Monday, April 7, 2014

April 6, 2014

WE HAD A Baptism shout HURRRRAY:)

This week was a good one! I learned a lot! And we had a Baptism! Her name is Shane and she is 10. Her father has been in Dubai for 6 years working and hasn't been able to come home. But he was able to get time off and a flight and make it here for his daughters Baptism. He is way cool actually fluent in English.  Because he works at a bar where a lot of Americans go he has this like Filipino/American/ Hipster accent.  It is pretty funny but he is really good. Anyway she was baptized on the 5th and Confirmed on the 6th which is pretty cool!:) 

I also learned some very good Personal lessons. Something I kind of noticed this week is right now another batch of missionaries are finishing their missions and go home tomorrow and people always say "hey you are almost in the real world" Or "Welcome to the real world". But what I noticed is that being a Full Time Missionary is as close to the real world as we can get. This is as real as it will gets. I am involved in the work of Salvation of the people here in the Philippines. There are people who don't know it but are depending on Missionaries so that they can make it to the Celestial Kingdom! It was kind of like "should've had a V8" moment. I gained a greater desire to work even harder and even when all you want to do is take a break from walking in the sun, to keep going and talking with people to find that next person who is ready to receive this Gospel! I had a good week this week and am looking forward to seeing where I will transfer.....If I transfer haha. I have been in this area for so long but I absolutely love it here so I actually don't want to leave but we will see:)

I love You Family!:)
Elder Ball

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