Monday, April 7, 2014

March 17, 2014


 So this week was pretty much just plain out fun! I went on exchanges with An Elder Manzione from Toole and then another day with one of my Zone Leaders Elder Virina. (Dad, Elder Manzione’s dad worked where you did in Tooele.  He knows you.) I worked in their areas and we did a lot of teaching and had a lot of fun doing it. Now that I can speak the language it is way fun to talk with Filipinos because they are way gullible and have the best bad jokes. The jokes are so bad that you can't help but laugh and bust a gut. We also found a man who is the barangy Captain or like the Mayor of a Neighborhood.  He is way interested and he has a lot of influence on a lot of people so that just made the week even better.
I am thoroughly enjoying it here in Urdaneta but President Monahan said I will probably be transferring next transfer but I am kind of ready for a change.  I know I will be sad to leave the City.

As for what has been happening back home. I really like what Elder Newton said in his email. That about sums up my feelings right now. At the beginning of my mission I was honestly so worried all the time about what might happen back home. I think I worried about ¼ as much as my mom for a little bit haha.  But, after reading my patriarchal blessing and my personal notes from when I was set apart, that everything back home will be taken care of while I am on the Lords errand and doing what I need to be doing here, I began to feel better.

KATIE IS DRIVING????? That is way weird haha but I am excited for her!! And tell Matthew to keep working toward his Eagle.  He doesn't need to wait for me but I can't wait to see him get it, if he does! Hopefully I get to help on his project.  

How is Elder Snow doing?  Is he still in the Ukraine??
You all are awesome and are always in my Prayers. I love you all:) 

Elder Ball                                                            

( I am gettin’ good at Basketball....)   :)

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