Monday, January 19, 2015

December 21, 2014 Faith, Obedience and Righteous Desires

Well this week Me and Elder Suarez had a good week!:) Our 3 IBD's are ELECT and they are so ready to be baptized. There date is Jan 10! They are so awesome!!!:) Me and Elder Suarez will be together for another transfer and then I will probably be the one to transfer at the end of January. The work in all was good but what I want to share is one of my Personal Studies this week!
So I studied about prayer haha and I had a great study.  The Bible Dictionary is amazing and I love it. It explains stuff so well. So the gist of it is read Helaman 10. When Nephi is told that anything he asks for will be given to him because his will is in line with the Fathers.  No special power is given to him. He isn't given another part of the Priesthood. God just told him that because of his obedience and righteous desires, his will was one with the Fathers. So anything that Nephi would ask for would be given.  Nephi only wanted to do the Fathers will.
We, as children of God, are just like Nephi.  We have also been given the same promise God gave to Nephi. If we are obedient and desire righteousness and desire to do the Will of God. Automatically anything we pray for will be given to us because it is not different from the will of God and he is able to bless us, if it is according to his will.
So, let us be obedient, exercise our faith and desire righteousness and we will become like Nephi, who had power to move mountains and summon plagues and do all sorts of amazing things through prayer. All of it is through Faith, Obedience and Righteous Desires.  We really can do ANYTHING!:)
This is probably stuff you knew a long time ago, but for me it is mind blowing!!!!:) So my scriptural thought is Helaman 10:4-5!
Elder Ball

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