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December 15, 2014 Urdaneta Mission Logo and Mission Blog Link

Mission Logo

The link above will take you to the Urdaneta Mission Blog and some Mission Christmas Party will have to hunt to find Jeffrey, but he is in some of them. 

So, as a quick update…I am in Aguilar. In the Lingayen zone. It is more on the western part of the mission. The languages here are Tagalog and Pangasinan. I am trying to learn Pangasinan but it is way harder than Ilocano and I am not too diligent about studying it. I usually study Tagalog. My favorite filipion food is probably adobo or Chicken curry. And this week right now is transfer week. This Friday are transfers but because I am training, I will not be transferring.

You guys did make me jealous about the Las Vegas Bowl. I like how while I am on my mission you decided to do stuff like that and not before haha:) It is ironic......:) But It is alright I get to skype you in two weeks!:) I will skype when it is the 26th here and the 25th for you guys.

Thank you for the Christmas Spirit!!  I have really come to enjoy the spiritual side of Christmas more than the materialistic side because here, nothing really changes haha. I mean right now in a grocery store we are emailing from they are playing a very bad rap song haha NO CHRISTMAS SPIRIT HERE! So, you have to make your own by really focusing on the reason for Christmas.

This week on Wednesday we had our Christmas Conference which was ON POINT! When you study the birth of Christ you really come to understand that he was born in the most humble and lowly of circumstances and yet him being literally Gods only begotten Son. It is humbling and helpful in this time where some times I really do miss the lights at temple square or skiing up at Park City or sitting by a nice warm fire sipping on some hot Chocolate, you need the spiritual insights and reminders about who the author of the season is.
We also had our Branch Christmas party this Saturday it was fun but because of how many things we had going on our work suffered a little but we did get 3 more IBD's. They are awesome and so GOLDEN! We have known them for 2 weeks and they have gone to church twice and love the things they are learning and have prayed and read about the BoM and know it is true! It was a great lesson with them.
When an investigator says they know what we are teaching is true, the spirit is always so strong.  It is like you getting hit by a wave haha but it is a good feeling wave haha! We had a good week.  We are looking forward to another good week and then I Skype you guys!!!!!!!!!:)

Scripture of the Week: D&C 50:24   Keep on Studying!:)

I love you all and I am really thankful for the sacrifices you are making for me to have the opportunity to be here, having my life changed for the better and preparing myself to endure to the end and be happy doing it!!!:)
I love you dad! I can't wait to swap mission stories!


Elder Ball

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