Monday, January 19, 2015

October 27, 2014 Working to strengthen the Branch


This week was pretty fun! And it ending with a BANG!!!:) Monday- Friday was good....There is a sports stadium here and we go and play soccer and basketball and rugby there all the time.  The only bad thing about it is we have to wake up at 4 am in order to go haha but it is fun!:) It is just a struggle sometimes the rest of the day.
On Saturday we had to more Baptisms! We had 5 last week and 2 more this Saturday! IT WAS AWESOME! They are so converted and have for sure seen the blessings in their lives! It is awesome because there children are still pretty young and so they will be able to grow up in the church and have a good environment. Their kids are awesome and way funny!!:) I love them! We have been focusing on strengthening our branch because they are not the strongest they could be.  Our attendance here has been around 40-50 the past few weeks but after we were able to visit with the Branch President and have some good meetings with the Branch Presidency and go and visit people yesterday our attendance was about 75 and it will continue to increase as the Branch leaders continue doing what we have planned to do! It is awesome!!  I have learned so much and am so THANKFUL that Elder Pernia and I have been able to help here.

So last night we had a lesson with the Sister that will become our new Land Lady because we are moving apartments. Anyways, she is way cool, she just didn't want to get baptized haha.  But we had a great lesson where the spirit was so strong and the member we had there with us was SUCH A STUD! He bore a spectacular testimony! He was in tears, the sister was in tears and then I was able to extend the invitation for her to be baptized on Nov 22 and she accepted it right away and then bore her testimony and thanked us and her Heavenly Father for helping her!
It was an awesome lesson and she will for sure be baptized!!!!!!:)  It was an awesome week of watching the spirit work in this Branch and in our Work!!!:) 

I know this Church is True! If it wasn't everything that happened this week wouldn't have happened!!!!!:)

Oh and I finally got to go to the beach today!:) It was cool!:)
Elder Ball

Helaman 12:1 

I am going to start leaving a scripture or 2 a week for Katie and Matthew also! 

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