Monday, October 6, 2014



So yes I have transferred.  I am sad to transfer but I am also very excited to be in this new area! I am bummed to transfer because my last comp and I found some awesome investigators. Three of the ones we found will be baptized on Oct 11! I am sad to miss the baptisms but I am so happy we were able to find them!!!:) I will send a picture of them next week if I can get a card reader! Anyway, my new area is here in Aguilar, in the Lingyen Zone. It is cool here but there is no McDO's, or McDonalds in English, here. So that’s a bummer haha, but oh well!

My new comps name is Elder Pernia. He is Filipino and he is awesome! I have already learned so much from him and will learn so much more. That’s why I don't believe in the Senior and Junior Companions. Because even though I am technically the Senior I am learning so much from him. Way more than I have taught to him haha:)

We are already having success! We have found 2 families that should hopefully progress and are helping some investigators to continue to progress! One cool thing that happened this week is; we have these investigator who are pretty wealthy.  The mother and father have worked very hard to put their only daughter into good schools! It shows because she is 21, completely fluent in English, and is studying to become a lawyer. She is very smart haha. But, part of the reason why this girls’ mother has not been baptized is because this daughter is a very solid Catholic and really does know a lot about the Catholic Church.  So, her mother does not want to change religions if the daughter doesn't want to. But, last night we went to their house and the Mother, she is practically already a member. She goes to church every week. She fed us last night, and she has actually given us referrals haha:) So, last night after we ate, her daughter was there also.  She had never joined in on a lesson but we invited her to join and she agreed. We had a wonderful lesson where the mother pretty much testified that the church is true and said she loves going to church because she is just so happy when she is there!!:) And, one funny thing she actually said was. "I like this Church because I actually learn stuff.  I don't learn anything in my other church, it’s just the same thing over and over again." The Spirit was very strong and I know her daughter felt the spirit!! But because she is so smart and she knows it, haha, she is a little prideful.  She asked some great questions and actually softened up a lot by the end of the lesson.  She committed to pray to know if what we taught was true! It was an awesome lesson. 

I love when Investigators ask questions because it’s a challenge.  It teaches you to rely on the spirit and then you feel the truthfulness of what you are saying! 
I know the spirit was there, especially when I answer a question and then it makes perfect sense to the investigator, but I am not exactly sure what I said haha:)

It has been a good first week and I will probably be in this area for a while haha:)
It will be exciting!!:)

I love you guys and keep reading the BOM.  That is awesome you are doing that!!!!:)

Elder Ball

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