Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Aug. 18, 2014 Transferred to Malasiqui


This week was pretty crazy! 
On Wednesday I found out I was transferring then we found out that me and my companion and our house mates, the ZLs, would be working with the new missionaries that had just come from the MTC. So the APs brought 4 of them to our zone.  We worked for a few hours with them, then we had to take them back up to Urdaneta at 6 o clock. We ate up there then came back at 9 o’clock. Then we did the same thing on Thursday. I got to work with an American from Nevada. His name was Elder Garate. It was way awesome to see what I was like about a year ago! We had them eat Balut!!!:) (boiled duck embryo) I also ate my first Balut since I was with Elder Moreno back in October. Then we got on a bus and started going back up to Urdaneta, but this time I did something I have never done before and never thought I would ever do. I stood up and pretty much preached to everyone on the bus. At first, it was just a joke.  My comp Elder Hanneman was like "I dare you to stand up and teach the restoration" I was like "yeah whatever" but then I felt like I should. I put it off then felt like I should again. I was pretty nervous but I gathered up some pamphlets from the other elders on the bus so that we would have enough and then stood up and started teaching haha. I talked about families, and Christs’ Church and how it was organized before, and how if they would read the pamphlet, they would know how that Church was lost from the Earth and how the true Church of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth. I gave everyone on the bus a pamphlet, testified of what I had said and then sat down. Then to my surprise, Elder Garate in his new missionary Tagalog testified of what I had said! It was way cool. I don't know if anything will come of it but it was a cool experience and I think somebody will read and ask the missionaries about it! 

In a trike with Elder Hannemann

Then, I got transferred the next day here to the Calasio Zone in a small little town called Malasiqui. It is cool here. My comp is Elder Baldovino.  He is Filipino from Laguna where they speak pure Tagalog. But my area right now is a different dialect than where I was before. I was in an Ilocano area and I was actually getting pretty good at Ilocano but now I am in a place where they speak Pangasinan. It is so different and it’s a bummer that I can’t use my Ilocano anymore. It is way funny because it blows peoples’ minds when they hear an American speak Ilocano!!!:)
The Branch here is cool and I am very excited to be here. We are going to have success here!:) It was a pretty good week!:)

Also, Katie and Matthew are so lucky!  Those Cultural Celebrations look so fun!!! I wish I could have done one! 

And Katie’s joke about the collision warning system/alarms on that car being an electronic mom is hilarious! I shared it with my comp but he doesn't get it. I laughed by myself haha:)

I love you guys and hope you have a good week also!:)

Elder Ball

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