Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept. 1, 2014 Island work and basketball uniforms

Ok, so last week there was an activity at the church and a young man needed some socks because he forgot his, so they asked for mine.  I took off my shoes and socks and all of the youth and leaders surrounded me because of how white my feet were.  Some even took pictures haha!!!!!   You haven’t seen white legs until you have seen mine! Just think how white my legs were before and then think that they really haven’t seen sun in a year!!  I am like a zoo animal here haha!!

Also I got to go on a boat to an island.  I went on exchanges and I got to go there for the day and work!!  The waves were pretty big and more people die crossing where we cross than people die getting hit by cars here…crazy right!   Haha…joking.  It is a very small section of very calm water.  And, I am immune to the bugs and viruses water now!
We play a lot of basketball on p-days.  The green basketball Nikes you sent me in the MTC I gave to a Filipino house mate when I was in Urdaneta.  He wore through his shoes all the way, like a ton of holes and he didn’t have any money to buy new shoes and he loves basketball so I gave him those green shoes.  I then wore my blue addidas until I wore all the way through the soles on those.  I am now wearing my Vans but those are getting close to being “done” also.  I may want to get another pair of shoes for basketball.  There is a mall not too far away and I can get them here which may be cheaper than buying them there and then trying to send them to me through the mail. Thank you SOOO much for everything you do and have done for me!!!

Katie and Matthew…here is a letter for each of you.  K    M  J

Have a GREAT week!!!:)  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!:)

Elder Ball

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