Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Aug. 25, 2014

Hello po!

Magandang Hapon sa inyong lahat! Astig yung week namin ni Elder Baldovino!  Medyo normal lang yung week namin pero sobrang astig yung branch namin! Sinasuportahan nila kami at gusto nila tulungan kami! 

As I said in Tagalog, our week was pretty good! The Branch is awesome! But I think that I am only here for 1 transfer because of something President Monahan said. Quote "One thing that is great about your transfer there"…  He said that in his email to me this week. Therefore I perceive that I will only be here for a transfer, but we will see. Maybe he miss typed but I don't think so. Other than that, we just had a good solid week of finding new investigators. We found 13 new investigators this week and had 13 investigators at church so it was awesome. I think it is the most the branch has ever had. They were way surprised when they saw everyone haha. To tell the truth so was I!

Anyway, it rained a lot this week and we walked an hour and a half in the rain and lightning and thunder......IT was AWESOME! The lightning here is way cool! I hope you guys get to come here and see it! It is quite awesome! Well nothing much more to report on this week. It was hot when it wasn't raining haha and I have started washing my clothes by hands! It is not too hard. It just takes a long time! I will send some pictures of it next week!:)

 I love you guys and hope you are having an awesome time being awesome!!:) 

Elder Ball

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