Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Aug. 11, 2014 "Exactly Sister!!"

Well after we had those baptisms about a month ago our investigators started dropping like flies. None of them would come to church.  They would read sometimes but they wouldn't come to church and they can't progress to baptism if they don't go to church. So right now we are actually having a pretty hard time haha. We have investigators, just nobody really progressing right now. So we are in a finding mode. We average about 22 lessons a week. From the little I know about your mission, dad, that is very different. The hard thing here is to get into rich peoples’ houses. It is no problem at all to teach a poor person because they just want to talk to a white person. But it’s the rich people’s homes that are hard to get into!

We actually had a great success this week. We were walking down this road in this Barangy which is like a neighborhood that we rarely work in because there are no members there. But we were walking and decided to preach by the way at this huge, very nice, house we saw. 
We yelled from the street outside the gate "tao po" or "People" haha a girl and a guy came to the gate. (The trick to get into rich houses is to speak English to them so they want to show off their English to you) :)  They opened the gate and I simply said "Hello, Me and my friend here are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We would like to introduce ourselves to you and to your family" The girl instantly said (in very hard to understand English) "yes of course"  Elder Hannemann and I were so surprised because it is NEVER that easy haha. 
So, we went in and when you get inside the gate of a big house they usually just have you talk to them outside and you usually won’t sit down. But here, they invited us inside.  It was the nicest house I have been inside here in the Philippines.  It really was a beautiful house! The first girl left and went and got an older women or a "Nanay" who was the best one in the house so she could talk with us. As we were talking she had on of their house helpers get us a "merienda" or a snack which is rare at investigators houses let alone a rich house. 
We talked for a few minutes and she was very nice and then we began teaching. She was SO AWESOME! She said she was catholic but then said. "But I am kind of confused because in this church we are baptized by sprinkling but Jesus in the Bible was baptized by immersion, so I am a little confused" Elder Hannemann and I were stunned, then said “Exactly sister!” We talked to her more about the church and our message. We committed her to be baptized and she accepted it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was AWESOME! 

I have had many people accept Baptismal invitations on the first visit but she is so elect and she will definitely be baptized. She didn’t go to church this week because she had to go to Manila but she promised to go this next week! We are going back to her tomorrow!:) 

So, even though our work is struggling, that one experience was very cool and I got to go into a big house!:)

I love you Mom and Dad and Katie and Matthew!!!:) And Moonshine if she is still around!:)

Elder Ball

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