Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept. 22, 2014 Flooding and Zone Training

 HELLO!!!!:) FAMILY!!!:) 

So this week was prett  good! There was a second baguio (typhoon) that hit here in the Philippines but this time it was in Manila! The flooding there was crazy!!!!  There is some pretty good flooding in the city we go to every p-day also but not in my area.  Mostly just lots and lots of rain.  The water comes into the tricycles every time we travel haha!:)  It is pretty fun. But we aren't walking through water while we proselyte so that is good!
We had Zone Training this week and it was very good! I like Zone Training.  It helps me see where I am at as a missionary and what I need to do to be an even better missionary! I am enjoying it here in Malasiqui. I will most likely not be transferring but you never know with President Monahan haha! 
Sorry this is so short. Nothing crazy happened this week other than the two storms haha! 
And I bought shoes....That was cool also ahaha!:)

Well hope you have a great weeek! Love you guys!!!!:)

Elder Ball

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