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March 29, 2015 - "Think about the way Nephi prayed"

March 29

Alrighty! So for this week we had a great week!:) We are doing some serious planting. We found 8 new investigators last week and 9 more this week so hopefully those new investigators will turn into new members!:)
My comp Elder Sta. Maria is a stud and really put a lot into his preparation for coming on a mission! He is already a pro at teaching and loves the work we are doing! This week we found another family and the Father is very good in the Bible and doesn't really have a religion because he hasn't found one that has everything he has read about in the Bible so that is awesome! I am excited to continue teaching them and watch them progress. I am really enjoying the mission and love how it is helping me become a better person as we help others to get back to our Heavenly Father.
This week I learned a lot about persistence and not giving up. On Friday this week we had exchanges and I went with another elder who is brand new is the mission just like Elder Sta. Maria but he is from Washington State. So we had a full solid plan with lots of backups. I thought for sure we were going to teach like 7 lessons in that day but as we went out we started getting punted or in other words the people weren't home or were busy, stuff like that. So we went through our entire plan for the day by about 4 o’clock. We hadn't taught anyone and it was Blazing hot and very humid. So what we did was we sat down got a drink and we started thinking. Then the member we had who was working with us remembered a man who had been taught before but the missionaries hadn't gone back. But he was on the other side of our area and pretty far. So we got up and started the long journey to the other side of our area. We got there around 5 o’clock met the guy the member had talked about. He was awesome and believes that the church is true and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and wants to become a member. So that was awesome and then we were able to go teach another 2 lessons to investigators and we got a dinner appointment. So even though the beginning of the day was the hardest I have experienced in a while, we listened to a prompting and didn't give up and we were led to an elect child a God and got dinner from a member!!!!:) So, it was awesome and it all paid off. I know Heavenly Father won't leave us out to dry. If we try our best he always provides a way for us to be successful.
I have also been studying about the Enabling Power of the Atonement this week. If you have the March Liahona Elder Bednar has a talk in there that is AWESOME!!!:) I read it a long time ago and am reading it again right now! It is called "The Atonement and the Journey of Mortality"!:) It is awesome! Read it! Well I hope you guys have a great week also and keep reading in the scriptures and sharing your insights with each other!:) I love you and will talk to you next week!!!:) 

Scripture of the week! 1 Nephi 7:17-18 Think about the way Nephi prayed.

Oh and Grandma Just told me that next week I only have 100 days left........That is scary....... Trunkiness never was Happiness:)

Have a great week!!:) 

Elder Ball 

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