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March 22, 2015 - Missionary work is the most important thing we can do

March 22

So this week was another crazy week!!!:) Me and Elder Santa Maria have had lots of opportunities to use the Priesthood this week. Like this week we were able give blessings to people. I am not supposed to send weird things that happen so just remember to ask me about it when I skype you in May. I will tell you all about it:) Well actually about the 2 blessings we gave this week and why we had to give them. We were guided by the spirit to the places so I know that we were supposed to be there in order to help them. We also found some new investigators at one of the places we gave the blessing. I am so grateful that I am worthy to use the Priesthood and act in the name of our Savior.
This week we also were able to go to Urdaneta for a " New Missionary Training" and learn from some workshops and training given by the assistants, one of them being Elder Giblette:) And from President Monahan. I love listening to President Monahan and learning from him! It really is a goal of mine to be a Scriptorian like him. He knows so much and I think he is going to become an area seventy when he gets home or something because he is like elite compared to other mission presidents that I hear about. He has helped me to understand more how important the scriptures are and now I absolutely love the scriptures and they can help us with anything we are going through in our lives and will help us to prepare for the everyday trails and challenges that we face! I never thought I would literally LOVE the scriptures but I do. And I am so thankful we have them and so thankful for the hardships and trails the prophets went through in order for us to have them right now!!!
Oh and this week I gave my first workshop as a District Leader and President Monahan happened to come and he attended in our district....So yeah at first I was like.......OH NO......but then I was okay with it. He actually added some great insights to the workshop. I talked about gratitude and I know it was inspired and I had fun being the mouth piece for the spirit to work through:) Missionary Work is the most important thing we can do and I continue to see how that is so true, every day!!!:) 
I am so grateful to be here and LOVE what I am doing!:) 

I love you MOM, DAD, KATIE, MATTHEW!!!:)

Elder Ball

Weekly Scripture: 2 Nephi 2:6-8     Mosiah 16:5

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