Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feb. 22, 2015

What was your biggest challenge this week? 
This week we had so much going on. We were not able to work in our area for 2 days because we had exchanges with our Zone Leaders on Tuesday and with our District Leader on Friday. And then we had zone interviews on Thursday and so didn't get much work there either. Then on Sunday after church we had a meeting for 2 hours with all the Branch Mission Leaders and Missionaries about how our Missionary Correlation meeting should be done. So very little work done this week. But President told me that I might be training again this next transfer so we will see. 

What has been your biggest concern this week?
I was humbled with the knowledge that I have a lot to work on with my teaching skills so its hard to find out but good to know so I can improve!

What was your biggest success?
We found an entire family. They are 10, all together. They were the next door neighbor of a member. The mother is the neighbors sister. They were way nice and we got a return appointment for this Thursday!:)
And we found this guy. He was born in Hawaii and speaks English. He came here to the Philippines to study. He liked here so he told his parents he was going to stay. He is 29 and owns a few businesses. We met him one night when we were eating dinner at his restaurant. It was actually the night I went on exchanges with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Arrington. That was cool. I miss him being my comp. Our teaching still just clicks when we are together haha!:)

Who was your favorite person this week and why?
President Monahan, He is one of my role models. He just knows how to help you improve and make you motivated to do it. And he is insanely knowledgeable in the scriptures. I want to be good in the scriptures also!

What has been your most significant tender mercy?
That family I talked about earlier. Because a few plans fell through and we didn't know where to go and then the thought popped into our heads to visit a member. We went there shared a short message and then asked to meet there neighbor. And we met the family!!!:)

What are you looking forward to this week?
Teaching the guy we found at the restaurant! He is way nice and wants us to teach him! He is so prepared to hear the Gospel!!!:) and he is Rich!!!::)

Do you have a goal set for this coming week?
We have a lot of goals. But one is to get the guy we found at the restaurant to go to church

Which scripture had the biggest impact on you this week?
D&C 68: 2-4

 Should we continue to pray for the same family or someone else? The guy from the restaurant and the family of 10.


Elder Ball

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