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April 5, 2015 "We should be the happiest people in the World"

April 5

(While visiting Jeffrey’s grandmother Joyce , his cousin Kyler was there also. Kyler just returned from the Bacolod Philippines mission a couple of months ago. While there one of Kyler’s mission buddies/companions came to the house to drop off some things for Kyler. He had this adorable girl with him, Jamie Gregory, who had just returned from the Urdaneta Mission and knows Jeffrey.)

HELLO MOM!!!:) That is Crazy that you met Sister Gregory. Whatever she told you it’s not true;) Well as far as needs I don't really need anything. I pulled out more money and I am going to try not to pull out anymore money until I come home. I think it will last me until I get home. Hopefully.:)

HAPPY EASTER!!!!:)  How was your Easter!:) I had a good Easter! Me and My companion took our Sunday after church to travel 3 hours to get my comps patriarchal blessing and when we got there my comp realized he left his recommend at home, so then we left and traveled another 3 hours haha it was a great joy ride.......;) It was insane but I got to relax a little but it was a waste of time and now we get to go back in 2 weeks haha:) Be positive and grateful for everything right ahaha:) 

Well this week was crazy! It was VERY busy and we didn't really get to work in our area that much because of everything that happened. So first on Monday that is our P-day and we don't go out and work until 6. Then on Tuesday we had Exchanges with our Zone leaders and we both worked in their area so nobody worked in our area then on Wednesday we had a full day of work and it was fun, it was WAY HOT!!! We walked around a lot haha and then on Thursday we had zone conference and it was AWESOME!!!!:) We got to watch Meet the Mormons and it was a great movie! I really enjoyed it but it made me want to play football WAY BAD!!!:), then on Saturday I was able to do my first interview to a baptismal candidate. He was awesome and the spirit you feel in those interviews is wonderful! It felt like I wasn't the one speaking. He passed and will be baptized this week!!:) We also had exchanges again this week on Friday to Saturday I was with an Elder who goes home in 2 weeks and really learned a lot from him but he is definitely ready to go home!!!!:) Well I am sorry this is so short! Tell Katie and Matthew that I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!:) Hope you guys enjoyed conference and have a great week!!!:) LOVE YOU GUYS! The Church is true! President Monahan said something that I really liked this week. He said that we are members of the only true church in the world, we have the gospel and our families can be together forever. We should be the happiest people in the world. Even if everything is going wrong just remember you are a member of Christ’s church, that should put a smile on your face!!!:) 

Scripture for the week: Genesis 22 and Alma 22:15-16

Elder Ball

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