Sunday, April 19, 2015

March 15, 2015 - Picked up new "Son" and made a District Leader


Well this was an interesting week! Full of lots of unexpected things! So this week Elder Flores Transferred and I was left here in Mangaldan to train my son:) His name is Elder Santa Maria. He is from down south where all the civil wars are happening right now. He is FIlipino. He is awesome! He used to work with the Missionaries every day before he came so he has a lot of experience already! And I was also called as a district leader. It should be fun. I know I am going to learn a lot and will definitely be tested these next 2 transfers but I am way excited for it.

Me and Elder Santa Maria had a good week this week. I will just share one little experience that happened to me and Elder Santa Maria 2 days ago on Saturday. So we had just finished eating at a members house. It was 8 oclock. We had no one else planned and we were both tired. The first thing that came to my mind was "alright we had a good day...lets head on home" but instead me and Elder Santa Maria thought where else we could go. Then after a few seconds one name popped into our heads. It was the name of a semi-less active member. So we started off for his house. As we were getting closer I was not exactly sure where his house was and we were just about to pass it unknowingly when the brother walked out and saw us! I was like “wow, that was cool”!!. 
We started talking with him and he told us that his wife was there and wasn't a member and didn't want to talk to us. We asked if we could just meet her and not teach. He still said no, so then we asked him if we could just wave hi to his wife. He gave in and took us to his house. We saw his wife and we waved.........and then...........A huge smile came to her face she said come in come in......She pulled up 2 chairs for us and was VERY NICE! I was expecting mean but it was the complete opposite. We had a good lesson with here and invited her and her husband to come to church. and guess what.......SHE CAME! It was awesome and she actually has a lot of friends that are members!
So it was awesome to see the blessing that heavenly Father blessed us with for listening and wanting to know where he wanted us to go. This week was cool and I hope you have a great week fam!!!:) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!:)

Elder Ball    
Weekly Scripture: D&C 64:29-30

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