Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 6th 2014 Blog catch-up

January 6, 2014

Another week down and it was great until Saturday. First New Year. I woke up at 11:55 to look out our balcony thing with the other Elders and it was literally a war zone at midnight!!!! I thought we might die! Just unstoppable fireworks and flashes from everywhere for a good 20 minutes! I was very surprised. From the way they celebrated Christmas, I was not expecting really anything. I am not able to put it in to words how gnarly it was and since I am in the middle of this big city it was quite the party outside.  Almost impossible to sleep. But it was a very interesting experience. Oh and I forgot about Christmas last week. It was the most different Christmas ever. We woke up early as is normal but then we went and played basketball. And I was sweating and it was hot and it is the middle of winter haha.  Then, this Saturday my Companion Elder Carullo got Emergency Transferred and is now a Zone Leader and the previous zone leader is now my companion. Elder Carullo was my favorite comp so far and we weren't even together for a full transfer. But it is okay my new Companion Elder Rabanes is cool too but I miss Elder Carullo haha. Oh well, there is a purpose for this and I will probably learn a lot these next 2 weeks but I don't know if we will stay Companions next transfer. 
We have some Baptisms coming up finally.  One of them, her name is Ina, she truly is Elect and a Golden Investigator.  She was taught by the missionaries before and developed a testimony but she said they just stopped coming and so she didn't know if she was welcome at the church. We found her through our Former investigators section of our area book and went to her. She was so happy when she saw us even though she had no Idea who we were. All she knew was that we were missionaries. She is going to be baptized on Feb 1 and she is stoked. I am stoked for her. It was a pretty good week. Didn't get bitten by any dogs. Only almost got hit by a bus twice and it only rained for 6 of the 7 days. Joke it didn't rain at all.  It was just super hot haha!! Well I love you and........Yeah you are all great!:)
LOVE Elder Ball

December 30, 2013
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!!! This week was awesome for a couple of reasons! I got to skype you guys. It was Christmas and 7 precious souls were baptized this Saturday in 3 wards. It was great. I was actually kind of nervous to skype. I don't know why but yeah I was nervous. What is kind of funny is the day after we skype’d me and Elder Carullo walked and "Tao poed" from 1 o’clock to 9 o’clock. We did have one lesson at 1 o’clock but that was it. We talked with so many people and got rejected by every single person. It was hard but I think that good things are coming for our area. 

But one funny thing is I don't know if you are all familiar with the trikes here but they normally should and max hold like 4-5 but one that we got on had 11 on it! It was crazy and amazing. I honestly don't know how but we did it!! 

And something I just realized this week also is that I am like the runt of my house.  My house mates are the zone leaders and they are awesome. Then my companion is a district leader and then there is me, a Jr. Companion haha. But I like it. It’s great to have all of these leaders are around me and I am able to learn a lot from them. Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and has enjoyed the year 2013! MY next email will be in 2014! That is weird!!!!

Have the rest of an AMAZING year!!
Elder Ball

December 22, 2014

Hello! This week was a good one! It was our Christmas Conference and we had a great workshop from President Monahan and then had a really good meal that I was very impressed with, Real fancy like!:)  The, we got to watch the Polar Express! It was a great day. But one thing that I want to share is something that President Monahan talked about. And the symbolism of the Birth of Baby Jesus. Manger is actually a French word and means food.  It is ironic that Jesus would soon become the bread of life for all and he was born in a feeding trough for animals. Next is that the Manger was elevated above the ground, away from all of the animal poop and dirt on the ground; yet he was still there with everything.
As this world is getting worse and the bad people are here, Jesus is above all of it yet he is still here with us, helping us, and showing us the way. It really made me reflect on the real reason for Christmas. A time when we should be thankful for the gift of the Baby Jesus and think about how we can give back to him. The last thing President Monahan said was that there is nothing we can give to give back enough. But, the closest thing we can give is the gift of self! The gift of us sharing the gospel with friends, family and people we don't know. So I have something I want you to do. Get a Book of Mormon and give it away and bear your testimony of how it has helped you and why you know it is true!   - Now everyone that read this has to do it. You can't unread it, haha!!  But our real purpose here on earth is to help others return back to our Heavenly Father!
Next week tell me how it went. Let’s all remember how important this Gospel is and that there are people that don't know about it! So let’s share it with them!
I love you and hope you have great week! 

Elder Ball-

December 9, 2013
HELLO! So it is another week down and this past week was transfer week which means that I had to say goodbye to my Tatay (Father) and I got a new companion. I didn't transfer. So his name is Elder Carullo. He is pretty cool.  He is Filipino and from Manila.  He is also really good at speaking English so it helps to be able to have him here and help me with questions about the language. I really think that he and I will get along well and be able to do a lot of good work! My house also flipped on me. Before it was 3 Americans and 1 Filipino but now it is 3 Filipinos and then me, so I have to speak Tagalog a lot more.  It will really help me to improve in the language!
So to answer some of your questions, the Philippines is a little different. Most people will let you teach them when you stop by so we usually teach 6-7 lessons a day. And we are always getting new investigators. Most of them just never progress. Also, we are invited to eat about once a week, sometimes less.

This week was kind of slow because of the transfer week and we were not able to get a lot of work done.  But now I am the one leading the area and it’s actually cool. I know the area better than I thought and now I’m the favorite of the members because I have been here the longest:) It is weird thinking that there is snow and it is really close to Christmas because over here it feels like the middle of July with a couple people that forgot to take down their Christmas lights from the year before. So I am not expecting to have like a Winter or Christmas like Christmas until I get home, haha.  But it’s alright.  At least the members are feeding us;) Well that is all from me for this week! 

Elder Ball
Oh and Thank you so much for the packages! I got all of them!!  Thank you so much for the quad and the Christmas packages!!!! They were awesome! I am saving the Christmas package for Christmas but I was able to give my companion the other stuff!! Thank you!!!!

December 2, 2013
This is me with Elder Moreno.