Saturday, August 31, 2013

31-Aug-2013 - Flight plan received

Write to Elder Jeffrey Ball at                                       
After September 4th please send written letters to
Elder Jeffrey Thomas Ball
Philippines Urdaneta Mission
LDS Chapel Provincial Road
San Vicenta East, Urdaneta City


(Starting with a reply to a comment in a letter from Greg about it being funny that Jeffrey looks like the most muscular and biggest of his district)

- Yeah "massive' and "muscular" me - J  Another Elder not my companion the one in the picture who is farthest to the right of the Elders started this work out plan called "plan - get sexy". We got the name from our teacher who did it in the Philippians. Hahah!

The Picture goes from left to right, Sister Crystal, Sister Kirchofer, Me, Elder Giblette ( my companion) Elder Christiansen, Elder Arrington, - My plan get sexy partner -, Sister Warr, Sister Barney, Sister Nicoll, and Sister Hurst!!
Me, my companion, and Elder Arrington are going to Urdaneta and 2 others from my old district. The sisters are going to other places in the Philippines and will be speaking Tagalog.

I have seen a ton, too many to count, people I know. It’s almost, kind-a like school but not haha!!

I just wanted to let you guys know that the basketball shoes are awesome and I haven't gotten any more blisters during gym! Dang some of your homemade salsa really sounds good right now haha:)  How are Katie and Matthew doing? Are they excited to start Jr. high and High School!?!?! I wish I could be there for their first day but I know that they understand why I can’t! Haha, yes it is fine to have Mtn. Dew. They allow caffeine on the Campus but they just don't sell it because it’s a BYU thing. I saw an Elder holding a Red Bull drinking it while talking to his Branch Pres. That is pushing it a lot but yeah I can have Mtn. Dew and I was so happy when I saw it haha! 

31-August-2013    "Flight plan - Leaving MTC 2 days early"

I finally got my FLIGHT PLAN!!!! I leave on Sep 9 for the Airport. Our plane will leave Salt lake and we will land in Portland. I will have an 1.5 hour layover. From there we fly to Tokyo Japan on Sep 10, Then have another 1.5 hour layover at Tokyo then will arrive in Manila. From there I don’t know what is going to happen, if I will stay in Manila over night or if I will get right on a bus and be taken to the Mission Home in Urdaneta.

Well, I have really enjoyed the MTC but at the same time I am so ready to leave and get to the Philippines! I love hearing stories and seeing pictures from my teachers but at the same time I hate it because it seems like it’s still so far away haha!

I know it will come soon but I just can't hold my excitement in. Don't take this in a bad way but whatever homesickness I had, I am over it and just can't wait to get over there! And the fact that we got our flight plan this week is not making this week go any faster. The days just seem so long haha!

I miss and Love everyone and hope everything is going okay!

This week we had Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the 12 apostles come speak! It was amazing! 2 Weeks before that it was Richard G. Scott! It had been 6 months since a General Authority had spoken at the MTC and now in the last 3 Devotionals we have had 2.  It’s awesome!

I feel so lucky and Blessed to have had my call pushed back so that I was able to hear both! There is a reason for everything that happens to us and I am so grateful to be on a mission where so much happens and I am able to see that Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ are with me and Each and EVERY one of us the entire way! It seems like every day something else happens and I just sit back and feel so blessed to be able to take part in this wonderful work that is happening around the world and to bring others the Happiness that I have. Even if you are happy with the gospel I can't imagine how much more happy everyone could be and how comforting it is to know that there is someone who has control over everything watching out for us and Helping us!

I haven't even been to the field yet and I can already tell you that I love it and am going to work my hardest everyday for the next two years to help them see how happy they can be! 

I love you all and appreciate all of your support and I can’t wait to begin the Lords work!\

Mahal Kita, Ingat po

-       Elder Ball


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