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July 31, 2013 - Finally at the MTC

Called to serve in the Urdaneta, Philippines Mission

Email Elder Jeffrey Ball at
JULY 31, 2013

First day in the MTC

 My first day was good. Have you gotten my letter yet? Saturday will be my P day while I am here in the MTC. I talked about my companion in my letter tell me if you haven't gotten it yet! But something new was last night( Friday) me and my Kasama (companion) were transferred into a different district! I am not completely okay with it because I had just started getting really close to my other district but I do like this other District also! My branch president here recommend showering twice a day while I am over there! The language is coming a lot faster than i thought! I cant hold a conversation but i can understand pretty much anything my teacher is trying to get across!!! The food is great and you can eat and drink as much as you want for every meal! The days go by slow but the week has gone by kinda fast and all the other elders that are here said that after Sunday the weeks and days just fly by! I cant wait to get into the mission field and I have seen chase a few times and he loves it also! Dear Elder does get the letters here faster than the actual letters but i don't care it is completely up to you!!! We taught our first investigator last night right before we got transferred. It was hard but I thought we did a good job for our first time! We just moved rooms today and the other elders are awesome also! Yes tell Katie and Matthew thank you for the letters they were very nice!! I love you guys and can't wait to hear from you guys again! Ill be on again next Saturday! LOVE YOU GUYS!!


New address:  - Moved/Transferred/Changed from Unit 21 to Unit 19
Elder Jeffrey Ball
Sep 11. PHI-URD
2007 N. 900 E. Unit 19
Provo, UT. 84602

Dear Pamilya

I am loving the MTC and I am sorry if you didn’t get my first letter. I sent it the second day I was in the MTC. The days have been starting to go by faster and it was only a week ago you dropped me off. But, it seems like it was months ago. It seemed like that the first night!

Me, my companion and the rest of my district were transferred into a new district. I think that I was transferred due to an answer to my prayers. From the first day I have been praying and asking for the (Kaloob ng wika) gift of tongues and we were really picking up the language. I don’t want to get cocky. I want to be humble and thankful, but when we were transferred I was a little bit upset about the transfer. The teacher I had was awesome. But after we were transferred to the new district and we were given a new teacher, after the first lesson I KNEW this was a blessing and answer to my prayers. Me and another elder, Elder Arrington (who is not my companion) already understand how to conjugate and put together our own sentences. We are already about where people who have been here for 3-4 weeks with the language. My entire district, Elders (there are only 4 of us) and sisters are already like best friends.

The food is pineka mablti. (The very most good). Haha. Sounds weird, right. But that’s how they talk. It’s backwards from the way that we do. Like if I said I want to go to church it would be Gosho ko mag sirobu. But exactly translated it is want I go church. I am getting the hang of it, sometimes just thinking and talking like Yoda helps!! J Oh…and if you love me, you will send me Mountain Dew and Food. JJ Just kidding.

Well, I love you guys and please tell brother Parkinson I am praying for him. And Lillian. Thanks for all of the letters. I love them. I’ll send real letters as much as I can. Love you guys a bunch!!! Peace!!

- Elder Ball
p.s. My running shoes have been giving me gnarly blisters. Would it be possible to send me a pair of 9 ½ Nike basketball shoes? High top Nike basketball shoes because that is what we do every day for gym and that is all they play over in the Phillipines. (Preferably the Nike Flywire model, but just some Nike basketball shoes so I don’t get more blisters. I’ll send you pictures of them when I can.

I love you guys so much!!!!!!! See you in 2 J Ingat – Po (Goodbye)
p.p.s My testimony in Tagalog with no notes! J

Alam ko pona tafoo po ang simbahose ni Jesu Cristo, Alam ko po na Tafoo yasang po si Joseph Smith at Thomas S. Monson. Alam kop o na Tagapagligtas po si Jesu Cristo. Sa pangalan ni Jesu Cristo. Amen. Okay, not really. Bye - Elder Ball

p.p.p.s: Remember that was no notes at all from what I learned in 1 week and I cut it very short.
Lots of love. Bye!!!  
- Elder Ball

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