Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 3, 2014 Walking in Jesus' footsteps

February 3, 2014 

This is the nastiest dog I have seen in the Philippines so far:)

Hello and a Happy 6 Months to me! So this week was pretty good I did find out 2 worldly things though! The iPhone 5s came out and the Broncos and the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl. Hopefully the Broncos win or won! Well anyway, this past week was pretty weird! Our Mission President has some sort of Sickness no one knows what but He has to go to Utah to have surgery and he will be there for about a month and a Half. So my Mission President is in Utah probably and the University Hospital. Hopefully he is doing okay. We have a sub President he was the Mission President in a different Mission, finished and President Monahan asked him to take over while he is gone. This week was good it is now hot again at night haha so back to needing the fan. The "Cold" was nice for a little while but now we are going into summer and the hot part of the year! This week I went on Exchanges with My District leader, Elder Liston he is dwarf, and I thought the kids and people here were annoying about my white skin, I was so wrong. They were awful to him it made me so angry at how childish and disrespectful they were to him. I then told a man to pretty much shut his mouth and go back to what he was doing and then Elder Liston said " Hey it’s alright, this is just a testimony that we are the True Church of Jesus Christ, We are in a sense walking side by side or in his footsteps, trying to save the same people who are mocking and making fun" That taught me a lesson and helped me not get so angry. Elder Liston is such a great example to me and is really probably one of my favorite Elders here in the Mission. His faith and desire to serve is so strong and was a great boost in motivation to me! This work is so true and must and will continue to go on!

Just a little story for ya!

I love you guys!

Elder Ball

Did you know or think about corn growing in the Philippines?

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