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November 10, 2013 Barangy Captain

November 10, 2013
Okay, so the huge storm that hit really didn't affect our mission or anywhere more up north. I am fine and it didn't affect our work or our schedule. We did have some mean looking clouds but that was about it. So I am very grateful and I am glad to hear that Elder Newton is okay!!! 
This week was actually pretty good. Because our zone has been struggling all around with any type of success we did a zone fast. A different companionship will fast each day and it will last a month, so it will be like a continuous fast for a month. Immediately we started seeing success, Elder Moreno and I found a man and his wife and they are eating up the lessons and loved church this past week. We gave them a date to be baptized and they were so happy to accept it.
Here in the Philippines there is a city like back home but imagine if each neighborhood had its own mayor or leader type person. Each Barangy or neighborhood has a leadership system and the head dude is called the Barangy Captain.  They actually have a pretty big influence on the people. Right now we have a Barangy Captain as an investigator and he will really help with the work if he is able to know for himself that the message of the restored gospel is true and that this church is true. This would be really good for the people there. And, they could set the example for other Barangys.
So now a little tender mercy and something that really strengthened my respect for Filipinos. So this week I went on exchange with my District Leader and I had my over-night bag with my clothes, sheets and other things since I was staying at their house for the night.  I put my overnight bag on the back of the trike.  When we got there we got off paid the driver and started walking away. I then remembered my bag.  I turned around and watched the trike with my overnight bag still on the back of it driving away and turning a corner a ways away. So, the next day we went to this place in Urdaneta where a ton of trikes try and pick up people.  The first person we asked was super happy to help us.  He asked one of his friends and he said he had heard about a missionary leaving his stuff on a driver’s trike. He took us to this other guy who said he knew the driver of the trike who had my stuff. The driver of the trike with my stuff left it on the back of the trike. He didn't touch anything and started spreading the word that if anyone saw missionaries to tell them that he had another missionaries stuff.   - So the moral of the story is, I got my bag back. Nothing was touched, not even gone through a little. Anywhere in America I would have never seen the bag or anything in the bag ever again. So I am very thankful for the respect people here have for other peoples stuff and that they were trying to get the stuff back to (me) the Missionaries.
The Philippines has its problems but the people are so nice. Hope everything is going well back home!  LOVE YOU!!
Elder Ball

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